Behind the Scenes – Mars Orbiter Single Malt Whisky (Web commercial)

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Few weeks ago, I was contacted with an amazing brief to create a web commercial for Paul John’s newest single malt expression, The Mars Orbiter Single Malt Whisky! The commercial demanded amazing shots of whisky, but I was met with the challenge of how to make some interesting shots with the limited resources available. From the moment I got the brief, I went around straining my brain on how to create a masterpiece commercial for a product that was also a masterpiece.

At first, there was the thought of creating a complete motion graphic film, but while conversing with my friends, we came up with an idea that “it would be nice if we could attempt real product shots instead of just motion graphics”. That idea stuck and I was sure it was going to be all shades of fun working on this project, so we got to work. Before long we turned my home studio into a garage! We brought in every material we needed for the project: A toy car servo motor, Remote, Rubber Band, Ice-cream sticks, foam tapes, Domestic Lights, Crafts papers and everything we thought we needed to pull it off. We had no creative constraints as we were all excited to experiment with the project and our materials.  Voilà! We have this masterpiece video to show for our hard work.

Watch the video showcased below to see how we created the video.

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